Will Reeve, the youngest son of the late Christopher Reeve and Dana Reeve, is joining ESPN’s SportsCenter as part of a young trio.

Will Reeve Joins SportsCenter

ESPN has hired Reeve, comedian Reese Waters and social media correspondent Sarina Morales in an effort to reach the millennial generation while doing special reports for the franchise show. One of their first jobs will be reporting from the 16th hole at the Phoenix Open this coming weekend.

“I’ll be different from a traditional SportsCenter reporter because I won’t be behind a desk in a suit,” Reeve, 22, told The Wrap. “These stories are not going to appear on air and then fade off — they are going to get an extended life digitally and on social media.”

“Hopefully they would get a kick out it,” Reeve said, referring to his parents. “The things I am interested in and passionate about are similar to what they were. My parents definitely define who I am. My dad and I had a huge bond and shared a love of sports. I hope they would be proud and say, ‘Great job,’ no matter what. Then my dad would probably tell me to straighten my tie!”

Glenn Jacobs, Senior Coordinating Producer for SportsCenter Digital, Now and Next-Generation Content, explained that the network wants SportsCenter to have a more active media presence.

“We are looking for new voices who can tell stories through their eyes and not in the ways we typically do,” Jacobs said. “It is really about making SportsCenter an active part of sports fans’ lives, not just a passive one.”

Jacobs added of Reeves, “He is just impressive, the way he thinks about things and sees the world. He has a really good sense of the stories he wants to tell that both interest him and SportsCenter fans.”


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