As the time for Fox to find a new American Idol judge evaporates, the list of possible new hosts grows. Two potentials who are definitely not on the list? Justin Timberlake and Sir Elton John. Among the others that have been rumored to fill Simon Cowell’s tight black T-shirt are Howard Stern, Donald Trump, Brett Michaels, Jessica Simpson and Chris Isaak.

Reps for both Timberlake and John have denied any possibility of them taking a chair at the judge’s table. Timberlake has four upcoming films and John has commitments through next year.

The show has already begun the first round of the competition using guest judges and is set to premiere in January. As of now, while Fox reps have admitted to interviewing for a judge’s position, there are other rumors circulating that the network is considering dumping all the judges and revamping the whole table, or possibly returning to the three-judge format. Since both Ellen DeGeneres and Randy Jackson have multi-year contracts and Kara DioGuardi is year-to-year, DioGuardi may be the only one in the hot seat. Fox reps say they aim to have made a final decision by September. –ELENA COX

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