Will Forte announced to a surprised audience at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday that he is starting to work on writing a sequel to his movie MacGruber, which was a box office dud bringing in just $8.4 million during its 2010 release. Forte, who popularized the character through numerous Saturday Night Live sketches during his run on the show, is at the festival promoting Nebraska, the Alexander Payne film in which he plays a man traveling with his father suffering from dementia. MacGruber, which starred Kristin Wiig and Ryan Phillippe, "is the thing I'm most proud of," Forte told an audience at the In the Conversation series at the Cannes American Pavilion sponsored by SodaStream. "You tend to judge a movie by how it does at the box office, but that movie was exactly how we wanted it."

Watch Forte in the Nebraska trailer here:

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