During the warmup for the Tuesday game between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, Will Ferrell showed up to encourage the Warriors in character as singer-turned-basketballer Jackie Moon from the 2008 comedy Semi-Pro.

Ferrell sported goofily short shorts, a colorful uniform, and an extremely 70s wig and headband combo when he joined the Warriors for warm-ups. This was meant primarily as a surprise for Klay Thompson, who reportedly loves the movie after watching it repeatedly while recovering from knee surgery over two years.

You can watch Ferrell surprise Thompson and some clips of his hilarious interactions with other Warriors players below:

Ferrell might just have been the good luck charm the team needed after all. After his appearance, the Warriors ended their five-game losing streak with a 112-97 victory over the Clippers. Stephen Curry said, “I think we fed off the energy,” when asked about the comedian’s visit. It goes to show that morale can have tangible effects on the results of team sports.

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