Millionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross gave an interview to CNBC discussing the partial government shut down. But, his comments are being criticized as tone deaf and hopelessly out of touch for a government official.

In his interview, Ross said he didn’t understand why government workers were showing up at food pantries when they could just get a loan. He down played the 800,000 federal workers who now haven’t gotten paid for two pay periods, claiming it’s “not like it’s a gigantic number overall.”


Now, the wags on social media fun with Ross’s tone deaf comments.

Cue in Mr. Burns. You know the old, rich guy from the Simpson’s? Richest guy in Springfield? Owner and Chairman of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant? Who uses relentless and ruthless tactics to get whatever he wants?

After Ross’ interview with CNBC somebody dubbed Ross onto Mr.Burns.

The tweet and video, posted yesterday with the caption “fixed it”, is already up to twenty thousand retweets.

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