While DC Comics has struggled to catch up to Marvel when it comes to the success of their films, it has had no trouble gaining success for their animated television shows, with most agreeing that most of them have been hits. One recent DC animated show that has proven to be extremely successful with DC fans is Harley Quinn. Created by Justin Halpern, Patrick Shumacker and Dean Lorey, Harley Quinn stars the titular character voiced by Kaley Cuoco (who also serves as an executive producer) as she breaks up with The Joker (Alan Tudyk) to become a successful supervillain on her own with the help of her best friend and fellow supervillain Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). The premise results in a hilarious and action packed ride from beginning to end, with it presenting humorous different takes on the widely popular characters fans know and love.

The first season sets up Harley’s quest to become the most feared supervillain in Gotham City as she tries get into the Legion of Doom with her own team of supervillain rejects, including the angry and misogynistic telepath Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale), the dim-witted and theater-obsessed Clayface (Tudyk), the excitable and tech savvy monster King Shark (Ron Funches), the elderly wheelchair bound cyborg Sy Borgman (Jason Alexander) and Ivy’s talking pet Venus flytrap Frank (J.B. Smoove). While the show is hilarious, it is also showcases a heartfelt story for the main character, as she learns to finally get over the abusive Joker and appreciate Poison Ivy who acts as her voice of reason throughout the show.

The second season aired very quickly after the first season wrapped up and proves to be even better, as it finally adapts the romantic relationship between Harley and Ivy for the first time on screen. It also gives to spotlight to other characters including Batman (Diedrich Bader), an emotionally unstable Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Meloni) and the iconic villain Bane (James Adomain), who has become a fan favorite in the show.

Despite the highly positive reviews from fans and critics, Harley Quinn has not been renewed for a third season. It makes it even more important for people to watch this show aside from the incredible quality. Harley Quinn can be seen on the HBO Max and DC Universe streaming services and is well worth checking out.

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