Tensions were high on set of The View when host Whoopi Goldberg clashed with Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.


Conway was a guest on the show last month and got fairly riled up, but she was calm, cool and collected this time around. As for Goldberg, not so much. Conway first chastised Hillary Clinton for celebrating the win prematurely, and referenced the ABC News tracking poll, which shows Trump in the lead. “Didn’t you guys say the polls were rigged?” asked Goldberg. “Never me,” responded Conway, distancing herself from her candidate, “I love the polls.”

Goldberg got visibly frustrated, asking if Conway loves the media now, too. “What have you been watching?” she said. “He said the media is crooked, the polls are crooked, everything was crooked.”

Conway did a good job avoiding tough questions and keeping her cool, while Goldberg had to take a break and had co-host Joy Behar jump in. Behar asked about Trump’s talk on nuclear weapons, which of course Conway denied that Trump had implied any intention to use nukes. When Behar called her “delusional” and asked if Trump had taken any money from Russia, Conway responded, “That’s what he told me.” This got multiple laughs from the audience, at which point Behar said that Americans don’t know what to believe because Trump still has yet to release his tax returns.

“Listen, Kellyanne,” Goldberg said, breaking her silence. “This man has lost more money than most of us will ever make in our lifetime.” She went on to compliment Conway on making Trump look good, saying, “you just did what he doesn’t do, he doesn’t give any information, and I’m glad to see you here.”

Watch the interview below.

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