Whoopi Goldberg scolded Donald Trump Monday on The View after Trump caused a stir with his tweets concerning the transferring of American Ebola patients to Emory University Hospital.

Donald Trump Rants Against US Ebola Treatment

While many are skeptical about the decision to bring American Ebola patients back into the U.S. for treatment, Trump is especially livid, and has been tweeting his anger since July 31.

Whoopi Goldberg Scolds Donald Trump

But one tweet in particular caught Goldberg’s attention. On August 1, Trump tweeted, “The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great – but must suffer the consequences!”

The tweet caused widespread outrage, and Goldberg herself was almost speechless when she brought up the tweet, saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t even know how to respond to it in a polite way…I like Donald, I try to be respectful, but this was an idiotic comment.”

Goldberg’s The View co-hosts agreed, dismissing Trump’s comments and defending the transport of the Ebola infected Americans. Goldberg tried to be understanding, saying that she believed Trump didn’t mean that American doctors and missionaries deserved to be infected, but she didn’t hesitate to call his comment “stupid.”

“Do your homework, Donald, just do your homework. But before you say something that dumb, you know better than that, come on,” Goldberg concluded.

Donald Trump Compares Ebola To AIDS

On Monday, Trump called in to Fox & Friends and defended his comments, re-affirming his position against bringing in any patients suffering from Ebola. During his call, Trump also compared the Ebola virus to AIDS.

“If you look at the AIDS epidemic, it started very small and then all of a sudden it grew and grew and we have to this day, a massive problem with that. This all started from a very, very small sample,” Trump told Fox & Friends Monday morning.

Trump continues to tweet about the treatment of Ebola in the U.S., suggesting that they should be stopping any and all flights coming into the U.S. from Ebola infected regions, an idea he has also tweeted about.

“The bigger problem with Ebola is all of the people coming into the U.S. from West Africa who may be infected with the disease. STOP FLIGHTS,” Trump tweeted on Monday.

Officials of the CDC and doctors at Emory University Hospital, where the patients are currently being treated, have tried to reassure the public.

“Nothing comes out of this unit until it is non-infectious. The bottom line is we have an inordinate amount of safety associated with the care of this patient. And we do not believe that any healthcare worker, any other patient or any visitor to our facility is in any way at risk of acquiring this infection,” said doctor Bruce Ribner of Emory University Hospital.


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