Ben Carson was on The View explaining his endorsement of Donald Trump for president, and Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t having any of it.

First, when Goldberg asked Carson why he decided to support Trump he responded cheekily, “When I dropped out, my first choice went with me.”

He went on to say how he initially wanted to remain neutral, but then decided to support Trump as someone who is “not beholding” to the political establishment, as someone who “could not be controlled coming into Washington, D.C.” He then cited that this was the reason why he personally wasn’t favored by Republican politicians, seeming to imply that the main difference between himself and Trump was that Trump was harder to get rid of.

Then Goldberg became more insistent.

“Sir,” said Goldberg, “I hate to ask this question, but you have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you’re Ben Carson, why would you align yourself with that?”

“There is no perfect person,” responded Carson.

Goldberg does not seem convinced as Carson went on to try to convince her that Trump has done good things for minorities too, such as opening Palm Beach clubs to Jews and backs. In response to this, Goldberg laughed.

Another co-host jumped in at this point to highlight that Trump was sued in the 70s by the Justice Department for not allowing black tenants into the property. Carson tried to defend Trump again by citing the plethora of his employees and insisting that many of them were African-American and never complained about Trump.

When he tried to talk about the merit of Trump’s children and how a Trump presidency would hinder the development of a political class, Goldberg cut in once again.

“You can say that til the cows come home, sir,” said Goldberg. “This guy is, I’m sorry, he’s a racist and he’s not good for the country.” Goldberg seemed overcome with emotion when she continued. “He hasn’t really said to [the white supremacist], ‘hey, listen that’s not what America stands for,’ he’s, you know, you’re Ben Carson, you’re so much better than this.”

“I am Ben Carson, and that’s the very reason I’m doing this,” responded Carson.

He explained that women’s are race issues are not the most important thing at stake right now. Trump, to him, will create a nation formed by the people rather by the government, and that he would save this nation, even despite all the negative things that Trump has said about Carson in the past.

“But he’s a liar!” said another co-host, “Unless you say that you’re a child molester, he’s a liar! Do you want a liar for a politician?”

Carson tried to say that all politicians were liars anyways. And while she conceded that she continued to point out that he lies “on a regular basis,” that “fact-check goes berserk when he talks” and that “he’s got a long Pinocchio nose.”

“Who is more likely to oppose the ruling class that is ruining our country?” asked Carson.

“Trump is in the ruling class! He is the ruling class!” she responded with laughter.

One of the hosts asked him if Trump promised him a seat on his cabinet in exchange for his endorsement. Carson denied this.

The second half of the show focused on Carson’s opinion that there is a difference between a public and private Trump, comparisons of Trump to Hitler, and Carson got very blunt, and maybe as emotional as Carson has ever been on camera when he said: “Let me tell you something, when you’re nice, when you’re very respectful, you talk about the real issues and not get into all these issues, where does it get you? It gets you where it got me: nowhere.”

After his interview Carson remained gracious.

Not the same can be said for Trump.

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