Tulsi Gabbard announced that she would run for president of the United States in early February and her husband, Abraham Williams, has suddenly come in the spotlight. But who is Abraham Williams?

Gabbard and Williams were brought together by politics. Williams worked as a volunteer on Gabbard’s 2012 political run for a seat in the House of Representatives. He was taking photographs for her campaign.

After she won the race, the two met in person and stayed in contact.


“About a year and a half later, he asked me out for the first time at a birthday party that a mutual friend of ours threw for me,” Gabbard told The New York Times in 2015. “It was the first time that we had a chance to kick back, relax and really talk on a personal level.”

Williams is also a skilled photographer and cinematographer. He has a professional website where clients can view his work.

He grew up in Hawaii, where he became hooked on surfing. The hobby also grew on Gabbard and is something that the two now share.

“As we got to know each other, we realized how much we actually had in common,” Gabbard said. “Pretty soon, we were going on hikes, going surfing and spending as much time together as we could. Oftentimes that meant an early morning surf before work. Our friendship and relationship developed over our mutual love for the ocean and surfing.”

Surfing was also how William’s popped the big question. While he and Gabbard were surfing during sunset, he asked her to marry her.

They got married in 2015 in Kahalu’u, Hawaii.