Maurice Hill, who shot six Philadelphia police officers this week, has officially surrendered and is now in custody.

Initially, the police officers were at Hill’s house because of an arrest warrant for narcotics. When officers were trying to serve the warrant on August 14, Hill began shooting at them. Before the SWAT team had arrived, two officers remained in the upstairs of Hill’s house hidden before they were safely freed by the SWAT team. The police who were on the scene explained that Hill surrendered after an hours-long standoff and was brought into custody.

The six police officers have been released from the hospital, and none had major injuries. Richard Ross Jr, Philadelphia Police Commissioner, said, “It’s nothing short of a miracle that we don’t have multiple officers killed today.”


The police spokesman, Eric Gripp, shared a tweet that the SWAT team was in the Philadelphia home and the suspect was being taken into custody by the police.

Shaka Johnson, Hill’s attorney, shared in an interview that Hill called him on August 14, saying he was stuck in his house and “wanted to try to figure a way out without any further violence coming to anyone or himself.”

Hill also has a long criminal record, which is something that didn’t go unnoticed when President Donald Trump shared a tweet about the shooting.

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