U.S. speed skater Allison Baver has yet to compete at Sochi 2014, but is already making news because of her looks.

Allison Baver Stuns At Sochi

Baver, a speed skating short-track star, has participated in four Winter Olympic games. While on the ice she’s covered head-to-toe, off the ice she’s known to don some rather revealing ensembles, showing off her toned figure. From gold tank tops paired with black Daisy Dukes to skintight cut-out dresses, Baver knows how to wow on a red carpet.

The 33-year-old athlete recently dished on her less revealing Olympic duds. The suit? “The outside is made of [an aerodynamic] material they test in a wind tunnel,” she told Bloomberg Business Week. “Between the legs there’s a bit of material that reflects light, and when you rub your thighs across each other, there’s no friction. It has kneepads, so in case we fall we don’t break our knees, and it’s cut-proof where our major arteries are.”

Baver is most excited about the personal bit of flare she managed to get for her race gear – pink skates. “The boot is custom-made in Korea. They’re about $2,000 and made out of carbon fiber. I don’t wear socks—they’re meant to feel like your foot. And they’re pink,” she said. “I had to push the manufacturer to do it, because skating is a little conservative. I was like, “I’m a girl. I don’t want black!”

In addition to tearing it up on the ice, Baver is in the process of developing a line of women’s workout gear, IICE by Allison Baver.

– Chelsea Regan

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