Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover finally tied the knot over the weekend following a long engagement.

Who Is Megan Wollover?

On Sunday evening, Wollover and Morgan were married in front of close friends and family members, Morgan’s rep told People magazine.

“After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life,” Wollover told the magazine, referring to the accident fourteen months ago that nearly cost the comedian and actor his life. “We have been through so much and our love is stronger for it.”

It was an emotional ceremony for Morgan and Wollover, who are parents to 2-year-old daughter Willow. Morgan, who had suffered injuries to his brain and leg in the tragic accident, had been determined to marry Wollover without the use of a cane.

“I don’t want to walk my wife down the aisle with a cane or in a wheelchair,” Morgan, who was cane-free during the wedding, had said. “So I had to go hard with the therapy … I had to get better. There was no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

Now that they’ve tied the knot and Morgan is on the mend with a much-anticipated return to Saturday Night Live in the fall, Wollover has an eye towards their future together.

“I’m so excited to see what our future holds,” she said. “And feel so blessed to spend the rest of my life with Tracy!”

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