Comedian and actor Dane Cook is a man who doesn’t let a woman’s age prevent him from falling in love. Speaking through an Instagram Stories Q&A recently, the 46-year-old opened up about his relationship with the 19-year-old Kelsi Taylor.


Taylor, a singer from southern California, met Cook at one of his social gatherings. “We met at a game night I host at my place,” Cook wrote. “We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each and then upgraded to love.” They’ve been dating for just over a year now.


Sixteen months ago, Cook shared a picture of them on Instagram, describing her as “one of [his] favorite people on the planet,” adding she is “a talented singer but more importantly she’s a genuine person. Check out her music and get to know her. She’s gonna go far!”

Cook admires Taylor for being “smart, kind, creative, loyal & honest.” Conversely, he joked that his girlfriend would say he’s “tolerable.”

While some have been critical of the 27-year age gap between the two, Cook asserts that both of their families endorse their relationship. “I love her family and we are pretty close and do dinner and hang,” Cook said. When asked for advice about dating someone of a significantly different age, Cook humorously responded by saying, “The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart.”

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The happy couple recently took a trip to Maui, and Taylor joyously accompanies Cook when he’s touring. Likewise, Cook pledges to accompany her when she begins touring. As for their hobbies, the pair enjoys watching Hulu’s drama The Handmaid’s Tale.

Taylor has a frequently used Instagram account of her own, posting a picture of her and Cook — whom she affectionately identifies as “her man” — days ago:

My man by my side + some good food inside. #bothyummy

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