Sorry, all you fellas who have been fantasizing about Team USA soccer star Alex Morgan's hot body since she had her bikini (literally) painted on for her Sports: Illustrated swimsuit model shoot — she's already spoken for by fellow soccer player Servando Carrasco, 24, and has been for four years, since the two met playing soccer together at the University of California, Berkeley Morgan's freshman year.

Carrasco, 23, is the defensive midfielder for the Seattle Sounders in Major League Soccer, and he recently help orchestrate a deal in which Morgan was traded to Seattle so that he and Morgan, 22, could play in the same city. "Putting on that jersey … was almost a surreal moment," Morgan said of the Sounders, reports the Seattle Times. "It just felt right and I almost couldn't believe it that we were wearing the same jersey."

And don't expect Morgan's newfound fame to come between her and Carrasco — they've already crossed that bridge. "We had that one conversation and ever since then, it's been fine," Morgan said, and Carrasco doesn't let it get to him. "In my eyes, she's the same girl that I met in college," Carrasco said. "Nothing's changed in our relationship. We're going to be together for a very long time. She's a very down-to-earth girl. She doesn't let all of the attention get to her."

Morgan echoes Carrasco's sentiments directly. "We're still the same people, heart and soul. We do the same things, have the same personalities, no matter what the media thinks of me or him. I don't think our lives have changed at all. We're still a couple of individuals who are trying to make our mark on soccer.

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