Abby Huntsman may currently be best known as a former co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend, but she’ll soon move on to ABC’s The View, replacing Sara Haines.


Haines’ final appearance on The View will be on Sept. 3, as she is leaving to go co-host GMA Day. Huntsman will begin her tenure on the long-running discussion show the following day. Notably, her inclusion on the show will give the panel its second right-leaning voice, something that will likely please Meghan McCain, whose father is the late Sen. John McCain.


According to her statement, Huntsman “couldn’t be more be excited to return to [her] professional roots at ABC News,” adding, “I look forward to adding my own point of view to the most interesting and successful talk show on television today. Joining the women at The View really is a dream come true!” The View‘s upcoming season is its twenty-second one, and guests slated for it include Kristen BellRicky Gervais and Stormy Daniels.

Abby Huntsman is one of the daughters of Jon Huntsman Jr., a former Utah governor and President Donald Trump‘s Ambassador to Russia. she, along with her sisters Mary Anne and Liddy, worked on his 2012 presidential bid during the Republican primary.

As for her own career, Huntsman started it when she was 16 as an assistant booker at Good Morning America. She also interned for Diane Sawyer while she was in college, later joining the Huffington Post team. Huntsman also served as the co-host for MSNBC’s The Cycle, afterwards moving on to Fox because MSNCB did not renew it. Huntsman also penned Who Will I Be?, a children’s book that “explores the value of service and the extraordinary power of giving back to your community.”

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While Huntsman is a Republican, she has been known to challenge Trump when she disagrees with him, most notably during his infamous summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin:

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