And then there were three. After a whole lot o' dancin' on Monday night's episode, Olympic soccer player Hope Solo and partner Maks Chermovskiy were booted off Dancing with the Stars. “This competition is one of the toughest competitions I’ve ever been a part of,” Solo told E! News.

Solo, who often fought with Chermovskiy (who, in turn, fought with the judges), ended things on a positive note . “I’m sorry; I wish I could have been better for you,” Chermovskiy said in his exit interview. Hope, making light of Chermovskiy's famous feud with the judges, replied: “Maks was amazing; the producer of the show! I have to thank you for casting me.

Ricki Lake, a remaining contestant, said she was sad to see Solo and Chermovskiy go but that she learned a lot from them. "I love them! They were on my team paso and we did so well with that," Lake said. "I think they're both great people. I think she did great. She came so far and I now like soccer. I never knew anything about it, but now I'm rooting for my goalie Hope Solo!"

In addition to Lake, war hero J.R. Martinez and reality TV royalty Rob Kardashian remain in the running for the glitter ball trophy.

Watch a video of the elimination here:

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