A hologram of Whitney Houston will perform a concert show sometime in 2016.

Whitney Houston Hologram

Hologram USA announced Tuesday that the company was teaming up with Pat Houston, Whitney Houston’s sister and the president of the Whitney Houston Estate, for the forthcoming concert. The concert will be held at a to-be-determined venue in the United States and will live-stream around the world.

Alki David, the CEO of Hologram USA, hopes to have the show ready in about a year, according to Billboard.

“The show will not just be Whitney comes on, sings and gets off,” David, who plans to have the hologram feature “live components,” told Billboard. “The narrative will document parts of her life, her achievements and celebrate Whitney.”

David also shared that the Houston hologram show will have special moments onstage, “the same way that Tupac and Snoop Dogg interacted onstage at Coachella.”

Pat Houston had been hesitant initially about signing off on a Whitney hologram show, but has since come around to see it as a “great opportunity” for fans of the late singer.

“It’s a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come,” Pat Houston said of the partnership with Hologram USA. “I look forward to the partnership.”

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