James “Whitey” Bulger and Kevin J. Weeks exchanged harsh words as Bulger sat through Weeks' testimony during his federal racketeering trial Tuesday in Boston.

Weeks, 57, who was once Bulger’s protégé, testified against the 83-year-old, alleging that that he had shot two men in the head and strangled a young woman – taking a nap after each murder while his friends buried them in the dirt-floored basement, reported the Boston Globe. While that testimony didn’t seem to ruffle Bulger, he became incensed when Weeks began to suggest he was a "rat."

Explaining why it bothered him when he learned Bulger was a rat, Weeks said, “Because we killed people that were rats, and I had the two biggest rats right next to me.” Bulger, whose lawyers have rejected claims he served as an informant shouted, “You suck,” in reply. Weeks responded with a “F–k you, OK,” which Bulger returned. Rising to his feet, Weeks threated, “What do you want to do?”

Finally, Judge Denise J. Casper called for quiet, telling Bulger to let his attorneys do the talking and for Weeks to just give straight answers to the questions posed to him.


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Kevin Weeks mugshot

Bulger was arrested two years ago after successfully evading law enforcement for 16 years – much thanks to Weeks, who had provided his former father figure with the false identification to make that possible. While the two had worked together throughout the 80s, they’d made millions through extortion, drug dealing and assorted other criminal activity. The charges leveled at Bulger include, the participation in 19 murders, money laundering, stockpiling weapons and extortion.

Weeks was arrested on racketeering charges in 1999. For his involvement in five murders, he spent only five years behind bars. While cooperating with authorities in 2000, he revealed the location of a gravesite in Dorchester that held the remains of the three victims whose deaths Weeks recounted during Bulger’s trial.

In Martin Scorcese's 2006 Oscar-winning film The Departed, Bulger was the inspiration for the Irish-American Boston mob boss played by Jack Nicholson.

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