On Sunday, Donald Trump and Melania Trump hosted their first Easter Egg Roll at the White House, a traditional Easter event.


The Easter Egg Roll dates back to the Madison administration, and this year marked the 139th year of the annual event. While the president and first lady spoke, a creepy Donny Darko-like Easter bunny was on stage and stole the show. The face sparked many Internet memes.

“This bunny is all of us, all of the time,” tweeted James Corden of the bunny celebrity, whose mouth is agape, giving it a confused, fearful, and disbelieving look.

A Twitter user said about the bunny wearing glasses, “Breaking: Easter Bunny able to afford glasses to correct astigmatism, thanks to continued coverage under Obamacare.”

“The Donnie Darko sequel has taken an unexpected turn,” said Andrew Kaczynski. Another user shared a similar idea, saying, “I feel like the Donnie Darko sequel isn’t really true to the original.”

And going with a now-classic meme, a few users similarly wrote, “*Record scratch, freeze frame* Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.”

And many took the opportunity to throw punches at the state of Trump’s cabinet and administration picks. “Laugh now but this easter rabbit will soon be appointed to the national security council,” wrote comedian Ziwe. “The Easter Bunny was a little shocked to learn that he’s been placed in charge of our Syria policy,” wrote Kashana Cauley. “Trump is joined (left to right) for the egg roll by the Treasury Secretary, a kidnap victim, and his head of military strategy,” said Rupert Myers referring to Barron Trump, Melania, and the bunny.

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