Ranking right up there with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness Monster is the first global head-scratcher of the year: Where in the world was Ryan Gosling at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards?

Though buddy and Globe winner George Clooney tried to make excuses backstage for his The Ides of March costar's absence, the well-intentioned (?) actor and director ended up raising more questions than he put to rest. "He's working, I think, in Thailand," Clooney said of Gosling's whereabouts — a reasonable story considering that the actor's next project is the crime drama Only God Forgives, which takes place in Bangkok and is helmed by Drive director Nicolas Refn.

Clooney, however, couldn't leave well enough alone, and proceeded to poke fun at the recent craze surrounding Gosling, who was also a Globes nominee in the coveted categories of Lead Actor in a Comedy / Musical for Crazy, Stupid Love and Lead Actor in a Drama for Clooney's own The Ides of March. "And you know what you do in Thailand …. He wrote me a nice letter, an email, this morning. Ya know, he's gotta work. He's gotta earn a living. He's a struggling actor."

Even the presence of new girlfriend Stacy Keibler on Clooney's arm didn't prevent The Descendants actor from bemoaning his friend's absence. "It's too bad he's not here," he said on the red carpet. "I wish he was. But if he showed up he might be too good-looking to handle." Clooney can rest assured that his limelight will be unrivaled for at least the next five months, which is how long Gosling will be shooting on location in Bangkok, according to NationalPost.com.

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