The Westminster Dog Show crowned Banana Joe, a black affenpinscher, Best in Show on Tuesday.

At 5 years old, this was Banana Joe's third go-around at the dog show in Madison Square Garden. In prior years, he just missed the title. However, this time, he managed to pick up his 86th Best in Show title overall. “He’s won a lot of big shows, but not like this one,” handler Ernesto Lara told CBS News.

Lara and Banana Joe (named because of his resemblance to a monkey), hail from the Netherlands. In addition to responding to both Dutch and English, the winning dog also responds to German and Spanish, according to co-owner and breeder Mieke Cooijmans.

Crowd favorite Swagger, a sheepdog, was the first runner up at a young 20-months-old. Despite the loud cheers for Swagger, judge Michael Dougherty declared Banana Joe top dog. “He was presented in an immaculate manner,” Dougherty explained. “He was on the minute he walked in. He’s in perfect condition, perfect body.”

Other runner-ups at the Westminster Dog Show were a German wirehaired pointer, an American foxhound, a Portugeuse water dog, a bichon frishe and a fox terrier.

Watch the video courtesy of ABC News below to see more of the toy pup Banana Joe:

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