West Hollywood celebrated their new civic holiday Born This Way Day on Sunday.

Born This Way Day commemorates the cultural impact the song and album have had ever since they were released in May 2011. A street mural was also created, with a presentation made by Mayor Lindsey Horvath, of a key to the city of West Hollywood.

Lady Gaga wrote on her Instagram that the song and album were “inspired by Carl Bean, a gay black religious activist who preached, sung and wrote about being ‘Born This Way.’

“Notably his early work was in 1975, 11 years before I was born. Thank you for decades of relentless love, bravery, and a reason to sing,” the singer wrote.

The city’s gay pride season started off with Horvath giving the singer the key to the city thanking her for “encouraging people to love themselves and be proud.”

In the ceremony, a block-long street mural of the song’s title written in a rainbow font was unveiled, celebrating the LGBQIA+.

As she was receiving the key, in her acceptance speech, Gaga told the crowd that they have been the “key to her heart for a long time.”

“I’ll honor this, I’ll cherish this and I promise that I’ll always be here for this day,” she said.

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