It was over two years ago that a U.S. District Judge sentenced actor Wesley Snipes, 48, to serve a 36-month jail sentence for "willingly failing to file federal income tax returns." Since then, numerous postponements have prevented Snipes from beginning his jail stint, and pending further court order, he remains a free man.

Snipes has filed a new appeal alleging jury misconduct Wednesday, claiming that following the trial, his defense team learned that three of the jurors had allegedly already made up their minds about Snipes’ guilt before hearing all of the evidence. Snipes is also filing on the grounds that the primary witness against him, Kenneth Starr, his investment adviser, may have perjured himself by not revealing that an investigation was underway against himself at the time. This will be Snipes’ second appeal for a new trial.  –KIMBERLY STEELE 


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    How can you lock up Blade?

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