Wendy’s decided to fire the employee who was captured in a viral photo dispensing their famed Frosty dessert directly into his mouth from the franchise’s machine, reported Time Magazine. Like Taco Bell, the fast-food chain was unwilling to let a prankster goofing off with their product remain on their staff.

The photograph of the unnamed Wendy’s employee at the unidentified Wendy’s location was posted to Reddit last week. The Reddit user included the caption: “I was going to buy a frosty from Wendy’s until I saw the employee do this.”

"Obviously, the employee broke the rules," Wendy’s spokesman Denny Lynch said in an e-mail, according to USA Today. "He is no longer at the restaurant. The franchisee is meeting with the restaurant team to reinforce proper procedures. We have a daily regiment in each restaurant that stresses proper food-handling procedures. The manager follows a disciplined process. When mistakes happen, we try to respond immediately and take corrective action."

The Wendy’s viral frosty picture came at an unfortunate time for the company, as they’ve recently been actively promoting the milkshake-like dessert. For a Father’s Day charity drive for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption event on Sunday, they were pushing their new Frosty Waffle Cone.

Earlier this month, a photo taken at the Ridgecrest, Calif., Taco Bell establishment showed an employee licking a stack of hard taco shells. The employee in the photograph was subsequently fired.

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