Wendy Williams is canceling her eponymous talk show for a few days due to an unknown illness.


Williams fainted over Halloween last year during a live show, which she later attributed to being overheated in her Statue of Liberty costume. Now, the host of The Wendy Williams Show believes she might have the flu. “It’s not the flu yet, but I feel flu-ish,” she said in a video posted from her social media accounts on Valentine’s Day. “I do go to the doctor’s today to find out exactly what it is. But, you know, I feel awful.”

In her video, Williams appeared to be drinking orange juice and wore a turban and pink robe.

She added that despite her sickness, she was still planning to run her show before being convinced otherwise. “I had to be talked out of not going to work today and taking off a few days to get myself together,” she continued in the video. “‘Cause I’m a thoroughbred, I have not taken off since we started the show. I took the proper vacation time, but take off sick? What? No, never.”

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For now, re-runs are airing in place of the show. A spokesperson for The Wendy Williams Show said Wednesday morning that the host was “experiencing flu-like symptoms” and that the show would be canceled for the rest of the week.

She nearly fainted on live television again on Wednesday. On Oct. 31, she went down just before the show went to commercial break. When they returned, she explained that, “I’m overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But you know what, I’m a champ and I’m back.”

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