Wendy Williams’ love life is being discussed after she claimed to be married to an NYPD officer known just as Henry.

Williams told Hollywood Unlocked that she was married, but her representative and a family member have both stated that she is not.

Willam Selby, a former jeweler for the TV host who is now her representative, told People that she “is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation.”

She countered Selby’s statements with a quote of her own in The Daily Mail. She said, “Will sees no point in me getting married, but you know what, f––k Will – 14 years I’ve known him, and I’ve always said f––k him, in a good way.”

Williams and Selby are also producing a podcast together, and he says he is “fighting her off” to begin now but hopes to bring the show on the air this month.

The veteran TV host had to depart her eponymous show after she was diagnosed with lymphedema and Graves’ disease.

She recently gained access to her bank accounts again after being blocked by the bank out of concern for her welfare.

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