A short video interaction on TikTok caused some worry among fans of Wendy Williams when the veteran TV host appeared briefly confused when answering a fan’s question.

The video begins abruptly showing Williams in the back seat of a black car with three people standing by interacting with her. She’s showing off her rings and sticking her hand out of the car, and the fan filming puts the camera on her asking, “What do you gotta say for the camera?”

Williams looked caught off guard and stumbled over her words a bit, saying “He’s out buying, getting stuff.” After a brief stutter, she says “I’m just waiting for him to come back.”

The video quickly cuts off after that.

After 12 seasons fronting The Wendy Williams, Williams had to step down from her position as host due to health concerns while the show continued for one more season with some rotating guest hosts.

Sherri Shepherd is now hosting her own eponymous show Sherri in that time slot.

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