He may be out of the running for the Republican presidential nomination, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Herman Cain from creating more bizarre political ads. First, we saw his video featuring a goldfish (his symbol for the economy) suffocated to death. Now, just in time for Easter season, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO gives us a cute, cuddly bunny rabbit — representing (what else?) small business — placed by a little girl into a catapult, launched and shot to smithereens.

The ad had the Twitterverse buzzing with discussion, consisting primarily of confusion over Cain's continued advertising and potential harm to any rabbits. Cain's camp eventually removed the clip from YouTube, citing a policy against “spam, scams and deceptive content.” Check out Cain's Web site, SickofStimulus.com, for possible insight into Cain's troubling mind.

And watch the video here:


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