Weird Al Yankovic performed a TV show theme song medley at the 2014 Emmys on Monday night, poking fun at Scandal, Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

Weird Al Performs TV Theme Medley

Emmy host Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg introduced the comedic performer – the latter calling Weird Al “my personal hero.”

Weird Al performed a medley of opening theme songs, adding lyrics to various shows’ music themes. Mad Men, Scandal, Homeland, Modern Family and Game of Thrones were all included in his performance.

Throughout, Weird Al joked about both onscreen and off screen stories about the show in question. When singing the theme to Homeland, Weird Al joked about the widespread belief that star Claire Danes gives an ugly cry: “Beautiful woman / Ugly crying / Inigo Montoya grew a beard. Homeland!”

Andy Samberg Appears As King Joffrey

But, it was Weird Al’s take on Game of Thrones that stood out among the rest, mostly due to special guest, Samberg, who popped up dressed as King Joffrey. Towards the end of his performance, Weird Al joked about the rumors that HBO is growing anxious for Game of Thrones author George RR Martin to complete his book series so that they won’t run out of material to adapt, even giving him a type writer.

Samberg took it a step further, performing a bit with the show’s next presenter, Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey.

“Mother! Mother, I think I’ve been poisoned,” Samberg screamed onstage before his “mother” shooed him away.

Weird Al later revealed how he came to perform at the Emmys, saying that it was Meyers who pitched him the idea on Twitter.

“First, he [Meyers] DM’d me on Twitter, because I guess he didn’t have my phone number, but he wrote, ‘ Hey, I wanna talk to you about doing something at the Emmys.’ I was like, ‘Okay,’ and I gave him my number. My wife and I were on vacation in Hawaii, and we were on a black-sand beach. I was surprised we even got reception there. He called me and pitched me the whole idea about the TV theme-songs. I was like, ‘ Yeah, that sounds great, absolutely! We’ll cut the vacation short and come back,” Yakovic told Vulture.

Zachary Quinto Didn't Like Weird Al's Performance

Not everyone watching was a fan of Yakovic’s performance. Zachary Quinto upset some Weird Al fans when he tweeted,“benedict yes!! Weird al nope,” simultaneously dismissing Weird Al’s performance and congratulating Benedict Cumberbatch on his Emmy win for Lead Actor in a Miniseries.

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