Weird Al Yankovic, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon joined together to sing “Hamilton Polka” on The Tonight Show.

The three engaged in an impassioned sing along while they were on the show and got the audience to get up with them.

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Yankovic set the songs from Hamilton to a fast-paced beat and an accordion and everyone loved it. Miranda said he was “honored” that the long-time satirist wanted to parody the soundtrack. When Miranda heard the remixed songs, he had “tears of joy streaming down his cheeks.”

Even Questlove sent his congratulations to the creator of Hamilton for being parodied by Yankovic. He called Miranda and said, “Yooooooooooooo! Forget your Pulitzer, your Genius Grant is nothing, you’ve been immortalized by Weird Al. You’re done! You’ve peaked!” Miranda’s response was, “It’s true! It’s the greatest!”


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