Monday night's "Women Tell All" Bachelor episode, the penultimate show in Season 16, before Ben Flajnik picks his bride-to-be, featured some satisfyingly hostile moments, though none so unexpected as Courtney Robertson's tearful apology to the other contestants she systematically offended earlier in the season.

The competition is down to Courtney and Lindzi, but only Courtney showed up to defend her actions from the sea of previous cast-offs, returned. Facing a group of women who call you — among other things — "a liar, vapid, manipulative, not nice and hurtful," (Monica); "two people," (Kacie B.); and "in it to win it," (Samantha) can't be easy, and Courtney revealed that she was "terrified" before coming face-to-face with the women.

"I have many regrets," she said. "I'm disappointed in myself and the way I acted, the way I treated the women. Looking back, there are so many things I would have done differently…. It wasn't ever my intention to hurt anyone's feelings. I was trying to keep my head above water."

Some of the girls weren't having it. "It was hard for every last one of us," said Courtney's arch-nemesis, Emily. "Guess what? All of us were insecure." This radically incisive comment set Courtney off crying. "I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings, anyone, everyone. I'm really sorry for that. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. I am not a mean-spirited person. It brought out the worst in me. I can't apologize enough."

For Flajnik's part, he is almost ready to be free of the whole Bachelor enterprise. "One more of these [expletive] things and I"m done," he said in his own round of interviews, referring to the "After the Final Rose" episode. "I have so many better things to do with my life."

See an interview with Emily, via the Los Angeles Times:

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