From the release of its first trailer last summer, Disney has taken an aggressive, at times confusing, approach toward marketing its $350 million baby, John Carter, starring Friday Night Lights pretty boy Taylor Kitsch. Is it a Martian love story, as the original, ethereal trailer implied, or is it the big budget, Martian-killing action film we saw in that Super Bowl trailer? Why was the title clipped from the original John Carter of Mars to simply John Carter? Who is John Carter? Why is he on Mars? We have so many questions….

Perhaps Disney has sensed our confusion because now they've gone ahead and released ten minutes of the movie to whet our appetites and secure our moviegoing dollars. For those who haven't read the Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi novel upon which its based, John Carter is the story of a war-weary, Civil War-era former confederate soldier who is transported to Mars, where he finds himself in the middle of yet another civil war between the Martian alien races. Thanks to Mars' lower gravity, our hero finds he has superhuman strength, making him a big deal for the war cause.

Sound good? Check out the ten-minute clip below and watch for it to hit theaters March 9.

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