This week, the second official trailer for Pixar’s upcoming movie Soul was released after it was announced that it would not be receiving a theatrical release and instead premiere exclusively on the Disney+ streaming service on December 25. Soul is one of the many movies in 2020 that had its original release date pushed back or sent straight to a streaming service instead. Soul will be the second film under Disney’s brand to have its theatrical release canceled and be sent to Disney+ after the live action remake of Mulan.

The trailer opens on New York City, with various sections being shown while jazz music is heard in the background. We then hear the protagonist of the film Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) explain his love for music as he walks through the city. Joe states that music is all he ever thinks about and that he was born to play. However, as he continues to walk through the city, Joe’s carefree stroll is cut short when he accidentally falls through an open manhole. The trailer then cuts to Joe falling through a black abyss with his appearance now taking the form a blue anthropomorphic soul. Joe soon finds himself on line to the “Great Beyond“ with several other souls. As a panicking Joe tries to avoid his fate, he accidentally breaks through a wall and falls to a location called the “Great Before” much to his shock and the “soul counselors” who are monitoring the progression. After Joe meets a group child souls, a soul counselor (Alice Braga) explains to him that he is in the Great Before, a place where new souls get their personalities, interests and quirks before they go to earth. Joe then meets a cynical female soul named 22 (Tina Fey), who shows him around and explains that souls cannot be crushed, quipping that life would do that for them. Desperate to return to his original body, Joe asks 22 to help him and the two jump down to Earth as the soul counselors nervously watch. The trailer soon cuts to the soul counselor Terry (Rachel House), who vows to find Joe and return him to the Great Beyond. The trailer then ends with Joe explaining to 22 that there are many joyful things in life, giving pizza as an example. However, due to being a soul he is unable to smell, taste or touch anything, much to his annoyance.

Unlike Mulan, Disney+ will not require people to pay $30 to watch the movie.

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