Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy brought his comedic chops, and his father, to his Saturday Night Live debut over the weekend.

After a Super Bowl pre-game themed Cold Open starring Kenan Thompson as commentator James Brown, Levy kicked the show into high gear with his monologue, which featured a tour of SNL‘s studios. Various cast members played “safety officers” who made sure COVID-19 protocols were being followed. Aidy Bryant uses a pool noodle to make sure Levy keeps a safe distance from the audience and Melissa Villaseñor gets misted at a decontamination station.

The host even brought along his father Eugene Levy for a few jokes.

“I flew in to wish you luck tonight, but because I traveled I’m now in this isolation box,” the older Levy says from within a box of plexi-glass. He asks two workers in hazmat suits to turn his box around so that he can watch the show.

The first sketch of the night featured Levy as a new host of the backlot tram tour at Universal Studios named “Thoby.” He is being trained by Jeremy, played by Mikey Day. Hilarity ensues as Thoby coffee-jitters make him overshare his movie opinions.

“E.T. looks like a ballsack came to life, change my mind,” he says pointing to the families on the tram. Eventually he begins discussing his “sexual softner” is Newman from Seinfeld.

The most popular clip from this week’s show was the commercial played after this sketch about Zillow, the reality website. The commercial is set up as a sexy website for those in their late 30s who feel that “sex isn’t really doing it for me anymore,” as Levy’s character says. The cast poses in lingerie and sleepwear while discussing the homes they wish they had on Zillow.

“An updated Colonial, with mature landscaping,” Alex Moffat moans.

“The pleasure you once got from sex now comes from looking at other people’s houses,” Ego Nwodim says seductively.

Another fan favorite sketch of the night was “Super Bowl Pod,” where Levy attends a Super Bowl party where all of the attendees applaud themselves for being safe, while partaking in activities that definitely break social distancing rules, like sharing a big batch of chili.

Levy also teamed up with Kate McKinnon as “Wedding Friends,” who urge their friend, bride Carrie, played by Nwodim, to break up with her fiancé at the altar when the officiant asks if anyone objects.

“Carrie we just wanted to take this opportunity to say you’re amazing,” Levy says. “You’re such a rock star,” McKinnon adds.

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