Saturday Night Lives most recent episode, hosted by Dave Chappelle, celebrated Joe Biden‘s presidential win and Kamala Harris‘s historic vice-presidential election while ruminating on the Donald Trump presidency and his refusal to concede.

As with previous 2020 election skits, the episode’s cold open featured Jim Carrey as Biden, Maya Rudolph as Harris, and Alec Bladwin as Trump. It openes on Beck Bennet as Wolf Blitzer announcing that the race had been called in Biden’s favor. Then, Carrey gives an acceptance speech as the president elect, at first attempting to stay humble while Rudolph celebrates beside him. Rudolph also gives a short speech as Harris, stating that she is honored to be the first female, black, Indian-American, and biracial vice president.

Bennet then introduces Baldwin as Trump, and Baldwin confusedly announces his refusal to concede Biden’s win before breaking out into song. The skit opens on Carrey reprising his role as Ace Ventura, announcing that the election must have a “loooooser.”

Many SNL fans appreciated the show and its celebration of the historic Biden-Harris win, praising both the actors and crew, Bennet’s performance even receiving approval from Blitzer himself.

“I always get a good laugh when Saturday Night Live has some fun at my expense,” Blizer tweeted, “including during this historic weekend when I projected that @JoeBiden won the election.”

Jim Carrey’s switch from Joe Biden to Ace Ventura is, quite simply, the best,” a fan tweeted.

“Was it just me or was this how 75 million people felt yesterday,” another user captioned a clip of Carrey’s Ace Ventura bit.

In response to photos of Rudolph and Harris side-by-side captioned “the devil works hard but SNL’s wardrobe team works harder,” SNL writer Bryan Tucker tweeted. “This is so true. Kamala Harris made her speech at 8:30 or so, and within two hours, the SNL wardrobe department had this outfit read[y] to go.”

However, as with most other election 2020 SNL skits, Carrey again met criticism for his portrayal of Biden.

“We need to talk about how Jim Carrey cannot play Biden for the next four years,” a twitter user wrote.

“Jim Carrey is miscast as Biden,” another user agreed.

Aside from the cold open and Chappelle’s stand up, Chapelle, Rudolph, and Baldwin also appear in an “Uncle Ben” sketch alongside Kenan Thompson as Uncle Ben, and Baldwin makes one of his last appearances as Trump in a voiceover for the episode’s “DC Morning” skit. Watch both full skits below.

“Uncle Ben”

“DC Morning”


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