If you were a massive Jonas Brothers fan in 2008, you knew who their younger brother was.

Frankie Jonas, younger brother to Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas, is now famous on Tik Tok with 1.4 million followers.

The 20 year old Columbia student is clearly enjoying the app, including Gen Z humor in all his videos.  Those not in that targeted demographic might miss out on the content he posts.

He recently made a video that accumulated 10.6 billion views that finally showed him getting the fame in the family with a video of comments on one of Nick’s videos, where the comments were flooded with words like, “omg you’re Frankie’s brother?!” and “dude since when is Frankie’s brother on Tik Tok.” The video is paired with an audio of David Guetta and Akon’s “Sexy B—.”

This led Nick to respond, duetting the video, not happy at the comments on his video. Nick picks up the phone to call his brothers.

“Yeah Joe, Kevin, forget what I said about letting Frankie in the band,” he said.

The youngest Jonas was always kept out of his brothers music, including their 2019 return to music after a decade long hiatus.

Frankie starred alongside his brothers in the movie, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and Jonas, the TV series. Both aired on Disney Channel in 2010.

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