The first trailer of Spike’s The Mist was recently released and fans of the story – both the book and the 2007 film adaptation – should be pleased with the result. While both the book by Stephen King and the movie were set in one location – a grocery store – and the people inside it when a deadly mist rolls into town, the show will take on a challenge.

The television adaptation of The Mist will expand the universe, introducing new characters in new hide-out/hold-up locations. The most notable location in the trailer is a church where the pastor gives an order to his congregates. “Do not fear,” the pastor says with his own fear clear in his eyes.

While the shows creator, Christian Torpe, has spoken of several thematic reasons behind introducing new locations, Spike also hopes to make The Mist an ongoing series which would be difficult if only relegated to one grocery store.

“We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations,” Torpe told EW.

“Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what’s going on. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts.”

One of the new characters central to the story is Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherland), a teacher whose sex-ed class has created controversy in the community. Her husband (Morgan Spector) is a stereotypical nice-guy who will be tested once the mist rolls in. Darren Pettie will play the local sheriff with a son (Luke Cosgrove) accused of a violent crime.

Dan Butler will play the priest whose faith is tested, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. will play Gus Redman, the manager of the local mall who is excited to finally show some authority over those people trapped inside his mall.

The Mist premieres on Spike on June 22.

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