A social media challenge during quarantine with cute kids? Of course, Kylie Jenner and daughter, Stormi Webster, had to join in on the Fruit Snack Challenge.

In the minute-long video posted on May 11 with the caption, “MY BABYYY I had to take part in this challenge,” Jenner tempts daughter Stormi with a large bowl of chocolate candies.

Jenner explains to her daughter, who is sitting on the couch that she can have three of the chocolates placed in front of her on the ottoman, but only after she comes back. Stormi looks visibly excited, as any child would be, to receive the chocolates once her mother returns and sits on the couch repeating “patience” while waiting.

Although being tempted by the chocolates in front of her and at one point leaning over the bowl, Stormi waits and jumps up and down when her mother returns before being told she can eat the chocolate candies.

Jenner and Stormi have joined the long list of other celebrities and people across the country to take part in the challenge. However, unlike other kids such as Kaavia Wade, who immediately ate the snack in front of them, Stormi passed the challenge, exhibiting immense patience and self-control.

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