Koko The Gorilla got two new kittens for her birthday on July 4.


In 1983, at the age of 12, Koko, the gorilla, was given her first kitten after having only played with dolls and stuffed animals for years. Koko, who can sign, named her grey, tail-less kitten All Ball. Unfortunately, All Ball was hit by a car after only six months of living with Koko. The gorilla was saddened by the disappearance of All Ball and signed to her caregivers “cry” and “sad” when she learned what had happened.

A children’s book was written about Koko and her kitten (Koko’s Kitten) which won an award and has inspired many people, as well as evoking empathy for apes.

Koko has adopted four more kittens since All Ball. A red tabby she named Lips Lipstick and a grey cat named Smoky. The most recent two visited Koko along with several others and while Koko fell instantly in love with one she named Ms. Gray, the other, Ms. Black, fell in love with Koko.

The two new kittens have energized Koko, and in the video that was released of her receiving the kittens we can see her gently playing with them.

The Gorilla Foundation is thinking of doing a multimedia sequel to the original book, Koko’s Kitten, in order to further motivate support and donations for these majestic creatures.

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