Kelly Clarkson‘s TV show is on hiatus and her Las Vegas residency has been postponed due to the coronavirus, but she is still making content for her fans even if it has to come from the bathroom of her Montana ranch.

The The Voice judge posted a five minute video to Instagram on Thursday evening of her singing Mariah Carey‘s 1990 hit “Vanishing.” as a replacement of the “Kelly fan requests” from her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. She said she picked the song because of a contestant on The Voice.

“Alright so this is for Mariah because I know she saw that Voice episode where I was like ‘Track 5 I know that song, Mandi,'” she said in the video before getting into her a capella rendition of the song.

Carey commented on the post: “Beautiful rendition!!! ❤️ I know you’re usually working 30 hours a day 8 days a week so this must be quite an adjustment for you (as it is for us all!) Keep the videos coming!! Do whenever you call next 😘😘”

After beautifully nailing the song, Clarkson reminded fans about staying safe during this scary time.

“I hope y’all are staying safe with your families in all realness. Please keep social distancing a thing,” she said as she thanked people for being positive online. She continued to give her fans an update on her life saying that she’s been teaching her kids at home and her husband has been birthing calves on their ranch. She said she has been cooking every meal, which is new for her:

“Everything tastes great when A1 sauce is involved,” she joked.

She signed off the video telling fans that she might share some of the antics on the ranch on social media, and fangirled about Carey knowing her song “Heat.”

“Totally cool. It’s casual,” she said flustered.

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