MSNBC journalist Steve Kornacki has been kept quite busy these past few months keeping viewers up to date on the latest election results – and has let cleanliness fly out of the window. This week, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon surprised Kornacki, and his colleagues, by doing him a favor and cleaning up the mess in his office at 30 Rock. “We once went into his office just to interview him, and it is a mess,” Fallon recalled on the Tonight Show.

The statement is followed by footage rolling of Fallon entering Kornacki’s office in complete disgust. “Has he been living in here?” Fallon said in disbelief while pulling on a thick pair of yellow gloves, “Oh these gloves aren’t even for COVID, it’s just for this office.”

Fallon ends the clip by walking out of Kornacki’s office with a trash bag full of things. “Take a break, you’ve earned it,” he says while walking away, trash bag in tow.

Kornacki’s reaction is priceless. “This will probably last a day or two,” he says after reading a teasing note left on his desk by Fallon. “I don’t recognize this, I feel like I had more stuff before.”

Watch the full clip linked below to see Fallon in action.

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