Actress Jennifer Garner recently recreated the iconic pool scene from Alias. She took a comedic approach on the sexy scene.

Garner’s manager and publicist did not want the actress to post the video to her Instagram, despite promising them that she wouldn’t, she still did. “Obviously they don’t want you posting something unattractive on purpose,” Garner told Entertainment Weekly. “They were like, ‘Jennifer, you can look good in a bathing suit! Don’t put that out there!’ Basically, ‘You’ll never work again.”

The original scene from Alias features Garner coming out of a pool in a bikini and slipping on high heels and walking slowly away. while patting herself dry with a towel. In the recent video, Garner wears a wetsuit and goggles and slips into slippers as she gets out of the pool. She walks away from the camera as quick as possible.

When asked why she decided to post the video, “I just said, ‘I will never look like that in a bathing suit. There’s no way. And I think it’s hilarious.’ And today’s the day, it’s going up,” she said.

The Emmy nominated show, Alias ran from 2001-2006 and Garner admitted that she hasn’t watched the series since then. “So somehow I came across that clip and I was just like, ‘Are you kidding? I should have walked around in a bathing suit for that entire year and I didn’t even know!’ Like, what the hell,” she revealed.

Garner “for sure” would be interested in bringing the show back, in a time of reboots and revival.

Garner posted the side-by-side video to celebrate hitting 10 million followers on Instagram. She captioned the post with, “To celebrate all 10 million of you, here is THE video I promised my manager (hi, @nksolaka) and my publicist (hi, @mereowass) I would never post.”

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