On February 29, comedian John Mulaney returned to SNL to host for a third time, and he has another musical sketch that lampoons New York City. This time, Mulaney brought a few special guests along with him.

Much like the two previous musical sketches the last times Mulaney hosted – “Diner Lobster” and “Bodega Bathroom” – the sketch starts with cast members Chris Redd and Pete Davidson getting food in New York. This time, the two are buying snacks to bring on a plane at New York’s LaGuardia airport. Then, Davidson decides to buy a package of sushi to bring with him on the plane. Mulaney, who plays a concession worker, calls the phantom of LaGuardia, played by Kenan Thompson, to warn Davidson about the bad sushi. “In dreams, its haunting you / that fish you ate / The expiration date / is 10-1-8,” sings Thompson in a parody of Phantom of the Opera.


After that, the cast sings other musical parodies about LaGuardia, including West Side Story and Annie. “I like to wait at LaGuardia / Lots of delays at LaGuardia / Too small for planes at LaGuardia / Watched a man die at LaGuardia,” sings Mulaney and Thompson in a parody of the song “America.” Then in a surprise appearance, Jake Gyllenhaal shows up as the “guy who travels in pajamas.” Gyllenhaal then launched into a parody of Wicked’s “Defying Gravity.” The actor belted out lyrics about how much he enjoys being searched by the TSA while flying around the set, suspended on wires. “You can tell that I enjoy security / You can search way up in my cavity,” sings Gyllenhaal

For the final musical performance of the sketch, David Byrne, the show’s musical guest, shows up as a baggage handler. He and the rest of the cast members in the sketch perform a parody of the Talking Heads song “Road to Nowhere.” “They say it’s about to take off / but that is a lie,” sing the players in the sketch.

Watch the full “Airport Sushi” sketch below!

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