Henry Winkler made fun of President Donald Trump in a Twitter video he posted on Sunday. In the video, Winkler shows off his one-handed water drinking abilities to jab at Trump after the president apparently had trouble drinking with one-hand while giving a commencement speech last weekend at West Point.

Winkler captioned his silent video “one hand.”

After the video of Trump having trouble with his water surfaced, he proved to a rally crown in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that he can in fact complete the simple task. Trump explained he needed both of his hands to drink water at West Point because he did not want to spill water on his silk tie.

“I look down at my tie because I’ve done it, I’ve taken water and spilled down onto your tie, it doesn’t look good for a long time, and frankly the tie is never the same,” Trump explained.

Some saw Trump’s water-drinking troubles as a health problem. The press also noted Trump’s cautious walking throughout the commencement and that he used someone next to him for support.

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista also made fun of the president’s water-drinking mishap in a Twitter video. “Thank you for the inspiration,” Bautista captioned his video, tagged Trump and used the hashtag “#DreamChasers.”

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