A new advertising stint for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland — the mastermind behind the fictional Weyland Corporation — features Pearce-as-Weyland adjusting his tie and sipping from a glass of water right before stepping out to deliver the TED Talk that was first used to advertise Prometheus.

Pearce's video is featured on a website called Whatis101112.com, which refers to the date of October 11, 2012, when the fictional Weyland Corporation was supposed to be founded in the futuristic Prometheus flick, according to Entertainment Weekly. Other than the video, the site has a description of German philosopher Freidrich Nietzsche's book, Thus Spake Zarathustra, a Wikipedia link that takes you to the Thus Spake Zarathustra page, and, of course, the Weyland logo.

In the video, Pearce can barely be heard whispering a line from Zarathustra to himself before he goes out on the stage: "I am a law only for my kind, I am no law for all." The implication has to do with Weyland's take on Nietzsche's concept of the "Ubermensch" — "overman" or "superman" — the transcendent human who has both overcome and mastered the self without being distracted by otherworldly desires.

The Whatis10112 website hints at featuring four more similar videos, not yet released.

Watch Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland, loving Nietzsche, here:

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