The first trailer for the upcoming science-fiction film Reminiscence was released this week. The film is directed by Lisa Joy and stars Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Cliff Curtis and Daniel Wu in the principal cast. Reminiscence takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where Miami, Florida has been flooded by the rising seas and centers on a jaded war veteran named Nicolas “Nick” Bannister (Jackman) who earns money by using his ability to make people relive any memories that they desire to see. When a mysterious young woman named Mae (Ferguson) meets Nick, the two begin a relationship and soon have a passionate love affair. However, Nick soon becomes torn when several different people relive memories where he sees Mae committing horrific crimes. Nick must now dive into past memories to discover the truth about his lover.

The trailer opens with a now-flooded Miami, where Nick is heard stating to a client that they will go on a journey through memory and all they have to do is follow his voice. Mae soon enters Nick’s building and apologizes for being late. Nick accepts and decides that he has time for one more job – Nick. He starts the memory machine for her as the music in the trailer starts to pick up. Nick explains that when the waters began to rise, war broke out. Nostalgia soon became a way of life as people used it to cope with their grief and trauma. According to Nick, nothing is more addictive than the past. Several shots of Mae and Nick falling in love are seen before the latter is pulled out by his coworker (Newton) as he begs to be put back in the machine. His coworker states to Nick that Mae has moved on and so should he, but Nick refuses to accept that. Deciding to look for his lover, Nick states that in order to find where Mae had gone, he needs to know where she had been. Nick is then seen journeying through several of her memories while discovering that she is wanted for various crimes. He is soon seen pointing a gun at an unknown figure, demanding to know where she is. Nick’s coworker urges him to let her go, asking how long he can trek through her memories before the machine gives out. The trailer ends with Nick repeating his line of having to follow his voice before the title card is soon shown.

Reminiscence will be released on August 20.

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