DC released the first trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming animated film Justice Society: World War II this week. The movie stars Matt Bomer as Barry Allen/The Flash, who accidentally travels back in time after making his first connection with the Speed Force. Landing right in the middle of World War II, Barry meets the Justice Society of America, a superhero group dedicated to fighting the German soldiers and helping the American government win the war. The Justice Society of America is led by Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Stana Katic), who offers to help send Barry back home. Thrilled at the chance of fighting alongside the most famous superheroes in history, Barry offers to help the team win the war before he travels back to the present.

The trailer opens with Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Diamantopoulos) informing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Darin De Paul) that the German army has taken control of most of Europe and Russia, much to the president’s horror. Steve offers to introduce Roosevelt to the Justice Society of America as a solution. The trailer then cuts to Wonder Woman and the other members of the Justice Society fighting Nazi soldiers. Wonder Woman states that they will end this war as too many people have died. The hero claims that they as a group have the ability to stop it and need to utilize every meta-human they can.

Soon after, Barry Allen arrives at the scene and is restrained by Wonder Woman. Barry reveals that he is from the future to which a baffled Jay Garrick (Armen Taylor) decides that Barry’s claim is not impossible. Diana asks Barry if he is ready to end the war. Barry states that he thought she’d never ask and is immediately welcomed to the team. Jay jokes that if something goes wrong, they can always blame Barry as “the new guy.” The music starts to pick up as the trailer showcases various fight scenes between the Nazis and Justice Society. Barry states that the Nazis are launching a surprise attack and the group vows to stop them. Toward the end of the trailer, the team is shown being forced to fight a group of giant monsters. After the title card, the stinger shows the Justice Society preparing for battle.

Justice Society: World War II will be released on DVD sometime in 2021.

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