Channing Tatum, 31, is no stranger to taking off his clothes in his films, and it's a good thing, because his next film, Steven Soderberg's Magic Mike, costarring fellow hotties Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four), Matt Bomer (White Collar), and Matthew McConaughey (The Lincoln Lawyer) is based on Tatum's previous life as a male stripper.

Though Tatum's "Magic Mike," the character's stage name, is sufficiently successful in his line of work, he "wants something more" than a life filled with sexual titillation and nudity, the trailer says. See, Magic Mike is also a talented entrepreneur who designs custom furniture, and he's trying to start a legitimate business and break out of the exhibitionism trade.

"You must be really good with your hands," notes Zora, his ladylove in Magic Mike, played by Rescue Me's Cody Horn. Horn plays the sister of Pettyfer's character, called merely "The Kid" in Magic Mike, and she appeared with Bomer in last year's season of White Collar.

Magic Mike hits theaters on June 29.

Watch the trailer here:

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