Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance on the first episode of the HGTV’s Celebrity IOU.

In this episode, the Oscar-winner Pitt surprised his longtime friend and makeup artist, Jean Black, by turning her garage into a fancy suite with a bathroom and makeup studio.

The episode featured Drew and Jonathan Scott helping Pitt in renovating Black’s garage.

The crew used safety goggles and sledgehammers during the renovation, and, of course, Pitt wasn’t an exception. “I love the sound of a construction site,” he said. “If I’m not building, I’m dying.”

When the crew finally called her up to show her renovated garage, she was genuinely astonished and said it was “really very moving,” that she “just so appreciate it.”

The end product touched not only Black but also Pitt himself. He choked back tears when he saw the brand new garage renovated by himself and the crew, as he was looking at an old photo of Black’s mother and father, who died when “she was very young.”

The crew appreciated Pitt for putting effort into bonding with them.

“He wanted everybody to feel like he was spending some time getting to know them,” Jonathan said. “And at the very end, he remembered every single person’s name on the production crew and on the construction crew.

“He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word.”

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